Barking at the Moon

Spiritual Seeking in the Age of Science

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I've spent my entire life searching for the meaning of existence, embracing all manner of spiritual paths and the many unseen forces that so clearly affect our lives. However, I also make a living as a software developer, a career where the logical side of the brain is expected to show up sober on a daily basis.

As you might imagine, this means my inner geek is constantly arguing with my inner hippie in a never ending discussion of science versus spirituality, each intent on proving the other wrong.

But why do I have to choose?

With that in mind, gather around the campfire as we explore the questions we've had since we first crawled out of the cave.

Is there truth to be found in the many spiritual paths of humanity, even if you can't prove it on a white board? Is there a logic to existence that can lead to enlightenment? Is there a place where science and spirituality can actually live in harmony? Or am I just barking at the moon?

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