Many of the articles also have audio versions, which you can listen to here. Some even left for the big city to seek fame and fortune on the major podcast channels.


Strange characters, alternate dimensions and all sorts of other things that clearly have no basis in reality. I think.

Way Better Than Fingers

A Sci Fi Comedy Podcast

When a home automation upgrade goes wrong, the house of the future becomes a wild ride for the owner and the AI personalities who were meant to serve him.


Whether it's career advice, tales of the corporate word or I'm just barking at the moon, these are the things I'm pretty sure I haven't made up.

Have Fun, Get Paid Excerpts

How to make a living with your creativity

Chapter excerpts. Have Fun, Get Paid will show you how to take control of your dreams and bring them to life.

Unite the Tribes Excerpts

Leadership skills for technology managers

Chapter excerpts. Unite the Tribes will show you, the visionary leader, how to establish an empire.

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